A lot of Yellowstone visitors fly into Idaho Falls. If you find you have a few extra hours in IF, we have some fun things for you to do.

River Walk

The Snake River flows through Idaho Falls and a greenbelt/bike path follows both side of the river. A few years ago, my boys and I spend a wet morning getting out some energy and enjoying the view. I also used this path for a morning run while the kids hung out with their dad.

Idaho Fall is famous for its 22-foot waterfall that stretches over 600 feet. The fall is not natural, of course, but a hydro-electric generator that powers over half the town of 55,000 people.

Tautphaus Park Zoo

It’s a little zoo, with a lot of animals, and those animals are pretty impressive: snow leopards- a cub was born there recently; threatened African penguins; lions; sloth bear, wallabies and a bunch of other critters.

Our original plan was to walk to the zoo. My personal assistant, Siri, told me the zoo was 1.8-miles from our hotel, mostly along the river path. I followed her instructions precisely, even using the GPS-equipped map to narrow in on the location. Turns out, Siri misinformed me and the zoo was another 2 miles away.

So, I played it off like we were just wandering around the river path.

That afternoon, we drove to Tautphaus Park Zoo.

The boys ran around, Anders read every sign, and I played with my camera. The snow leopard was MIA, which was a bummer, but we had fun anyway.