cross country skiing in west yellowstoneYou don’t have to go into Yellowstone National Park for great Nordic skiing. There is plenty of cross-country skiing near Yellowstone that doesn’t require a snowcoach shuttle. One of my favorite spots to ski is near West Yellowstone, Montana.

Gear For Cross-Country Skiing Around Yellowstone

These are the cross-country skis I use and absolutely love. These are a newer model and different color, but essentially the same ski. I use them on both ungroomed and groomed terrain, but they really excel on the ungroomed or “Western” groomed trails. Thanks to a waxless base, they are ready to go regardless of the temperature. If it is really sticky, I’ll swipe some Maxiglide quick wax on the bottoms. The metal edges make turning and slowing down a breeze (as much as that is possible on Nordic skis).

Where to Stay in West Yellowstone

There are a lot of hotels in West Yellowstone, but one of our favorites is the Gray Wolf Inn. It’s across the street from the Yellowstone Visitor Center, Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center, and the Yellowstone Giant Screen (formerly IMAX Theater) plus, walking distance to just about anywhere in West Yellowstone. The rooms are clean and there is underground parking. See also:

More Fun in West Yellowstone

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