Hiking Natural Bridge Yellowstone

Driving directions, trail info, and more can be found at the bottom of the post.

We were supposed to go backpacking last weekend, Heather and I. And climb Electric Peak. We had the permit and everything.

But, then it rained. A lot. And snowed in the mountains; it snowed on Electric Peak, which is already known for its propensity to attract lightning.

So, Plan B was instituted. I drove to Jackson and stayed with Heather and Mike for a night, soaked in hot springs, and ate the best raw, vegan Pad Thai ever. It was like a spa vacation. The next morning, Heather and I drove north through Yellowstone, spending one night at the Lake Lodge Cabins and another at Roosevelt Cabins.

Along the way, we stopped at a bunch of little day hikes that we’ve been curious about, but never investigated, in our effort to get to something bigger or longer.

The Natural Bridge hike was one of those mini-hikes we’d passed by in the past. It’s flat, it’s easy, and it’s really pretty. This may be a busy trail, but on a rainy day we saw only a couple people and a whole lot of mushrooms.

The trail leads to the bridge and up and over the top–making a lollipop route. There is also a bike trail (one of the few in the park) that begins on the main road, just south of the marina.

Plan Your Own Trip

What: A two-mile (round trip) hike to Natural Bridge in Yellowstone National Park.
Why: To stretch your legs and check out a natural bridge.
Where: Park at the marina at Bridge Bay. The trailhead is across the road from the parking area. The trail leads to the campground, then turns left toward the bridge.
Who: Families with kids, bike riders, stroller pushers, geology enthusiasts, nature lovers.

See my 20 Family Friendly Hikes in Yellowstone book for more hiking options.

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Need a trail guide?

After my own guide, 20 Family Friendly Hikes in Yellowstone, my go-to, favorite hiking book for Yellowstone is Bill Schneider’s Hiking Yellowstone National Park.

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