It’s easy to feel like you have to see everything on your Yellowstone trip. But, some of our favorite days are ones where to take the time to really enjoy a few special spots. Here’s a great day we had in August 2009.

We started out with a soak in the Boiling River.

A half-mile trail leads to a six-foot wide stream of hot water pouring over a travertine ledge into the Gardner River. Users have piled rocks to create a soaking area where the 140-degree water mixes with the cold river.

We found a pool where the cold river water and Boiling River mixed perfectly and spent an hour or so soaking and enjoying the view.

After the soak we headed to Lone Star Geyser for a bike ride. We had a picnic at the trailhead near Kepler Cascades before hopping on the bikes for the 2.4-mile ride to Lone Star Geyser.

Lone Star Geyser is such named because it is far from other geysers, not because of any relation to Texas. The nearest large geyser (Old Faithful) is 3 air miles away.

Lone Star Geyser erupts every 3-4 hours, so we felt lucky to find it mid-eruption when we arrived.

After the eruption Henry and Anders walked down to the Firehole River and caught frogs. I didn’t see it, but apparently Anders freaked out a little bit when he saw a frog in is dad’s hand. He has enjoyed talking about seeing a frog, though.

Before leaving for home we took a quick peek at Old Faithful.