Hiking Storm Point

Driving directions, trail info, and more can be found at the bottom of the post.

In August of 2012, I met up with Michele and her family for a hike to Storm Point.

Michele and I “met” online. It wasn’t quite a dating service, but through a group of outdoor/kids-and-nature/play-outdoors group of folks. Eventually, she and I wrote this book together: Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Park: First Time Visitors’ Guide. That book was based on this trip she took with her family and my many years of experience in the park.

This was our second get together. Michele and another blogging friend showed us around the South Coast Botanical Gardens a year and a half ago. I got to return the favor by showing her and her family around a little part of Yellowstone.

Michele called me when she, her husband and kids, her parents, and her sister’s family were planning their tour of Wonderland. I gave her a few tidbits of information and invited myself down. Let that be a warning–if you tell me you are in the area, I will probably show up in the middle of your family vacation.

Kids at Storm Point

Kids in Lake
Kids don’t care that it’s cool and grey….
Mel and Michele in Real Life
Me and Michele in Real Life

pebbles on lake beach

Storm point beach

Storm point scotland scene

I’ve walked the Storm Point Trail many times and always find something new to see. It’s a great easy hike in Yellowstone!

Plan Your Own Trip

What: A short walk to Storm Point. The trail is a 2.3 mile lollipop route, but the “stick” part of the lollipop is short.
Why: Get close to Yellowstone Lake, stroll through several different ecosystems.
Where: Drive 3.1 miles east of Fishing Bridge Junction. Look for the small parking area on the right and the sign for Indian Pond.
Who: Anyone who can walk 2.3 miles–it’s flat and easy.

See my 20 Family Friendly Hikes in Yellowstone book for more hiking options.

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Need a trail guide?

After my own guide, 20 Family Friendly Hikes in Yellowstone, my go-to, favorite hiking book for Yellowstone is Bill Schneider’s Hiking Yellowstone National Park.

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