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Family on horseback in yellowstone

There are a lot of outfitters leading horseback riding trips in Yellowstone National Park, but our favorite is  Wilderness Pack Trips.

Erin and Mike Thompson, the owners of these Yellowstone horses, take you off the trail and into the sagebrush or woods. Wilderness Pack Trips leads both day trips and overnight adventures in Yellowstone. Since they have a history of low impact horseback riding in Yellowstone, Wilderness Pack Trips gets to take clients into seldom seen backcountry areas. On our trip, we went into a bear management area that required special permission to enter.

Watch the video and then sign up for your own horseback riding in Yellowstone!


  1. Tonya Bright

    Hi. May husband and daughter are planning a trip to Yellowstone the last week of July. They won’t arrive until late on evening July 25th and then leaving the following Sat. My daughter who owns two hoses and is a very experienced wants to go for a day ride with her dad who is not experienced but has ridden. I really hope you have something available. And if you don’t I would love a recommendation. They are coming from Conn and this is there first vacation with just the two of them. I’m hoping to make it special. Thank you. Tonya

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