I am not currently taking Vacation Coaching clients. Please see my guidebooks and itineraries for your planning needs. 


Let us use our years of working and playing in Yellowstone National Park to plan the perfect, custom trip for you.

You want to plan your own Yellowstone area vacation, but need suggestions or recommendations. Or maybe you just want someone else to do it.

Perfect! There is nothing quite like planning your dream vacation. But I know just how overwhelming planning a vacation to Yellowstone, be it your first or fifteenth, can be. There is so much to see and do!

This is where a travel coach can help.

For five days, we work together to plan your trip.  We can start from scratch, beginning with your family’s interests, working up to attractions to visit and places to stay. Or, if you have a list of “must see” attractions, we can devise a plan to see as much as possible without making you feel rushed.

Every question you send over the 5-day coaching period will be answered, and as I get to know your family, I’ll be able to recommend activities, accommodations, or attractions best suited to your specific travel “wants.”

I’ll coach you in how get the most out of your time in Wonderland: how to escape the crowds, the best places to see wildlife, gorgeous trails, family-friendly programs and tours, and lodging. At the end of the coaching session you will receive a detailed itinerary, filled with helpful tips, links, and maps to guide you as you explore Yellowstone.

You can be involved as little or as much as you want.

How I Coach

Yellowstone trip coaching is done via email. This way you have everything in writing- including website links, phone numbers and email addresses.

Each coaching session is five days.

One five-day coaching session is $499. If you decide at the end of five days that you would like additional coaching, each additional five day period is only $199, but unless you change the details, one session will have you covered.

I will send you an itinerary with everything you need for your trip and include the e-book “Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks: First-time trip guide for families” by Michele Whiteaker and yours truly (a $15 value).

Requesting a Coaching Session

Use the contact form below to introduce yourself.  Please tell me if you have any lodging or other reservations already made.

Because I personally handle all travel coaching, I accept only a limited number of clients each month. Please give me a few weeks advance notice so I can get you on my calendar.

I will send you a Venmo link and a questionnaire once we have confirmed coaching dates.

    I look forward to working with you!